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Noul brand turistic al Romaniei

Se lanseaza astazi la Shanghai.

“Explorati gradina Carpatilor”

Va reusi acest brand de tara sa aiba efectul scontat, adica sa aduca turistii in Romania?

Va reusi publicitatea agresiva sa invinga publicitatea negativa la adresa Romaniei si a romanilor?

Romanii cum ar trebui sa reactioneze la aceasta campanie de marketing? Sa o sustina, sau sa o denigreze cum fac de obicei?

Cursul OPEN Social Media pentru Companii

Bucuresti, 21 aprilie 2010

Retelele sociale reprezinta cel mai mare fenomen din istoria Internetului. Petrecem din ce in ce mai mult timp accesand Facebook, Twitter sau Linkedin iar clientii si potentialii nostri clienti si-au creat deja conturi in aceste retele sau isi vor crea in viitorul apropiat. Cursul OPEN Social Media pentru Companii este un workshop interactiv destinat specialistilor in vanzari si marketing, directori de resurse umane, middle si top management din companii romanesti si straine.
Primul curs se va desfasura pe data de 23 aprilie, intre orele 9.00 17.00 la Hotelul Howard Johnson din Bucuresti si va cuprinde 4 module:

1. Retelele Sociale – un fenomen de masa. Cum poate profita businessul nostru de pe urma acestuia?
- Consideratii generale despre Retelele Sociale;
- Concepte de baza despre promovarea profilului personal de business si al unei companii prin
intermediul Social Media;
- Prezentarea principalelor Retele Sociale internationale si romanesti de utilizat in functie de
produsele/serviciile/compania de promovat;
- Cum comunicam in retelele sociale pentru promovarea unei companii? Cum comunicam
despre noi in raport cu compania pentru care lucram?
- Ce formate au cel mai mare impact si cum trebuie creat mixul de succes text, foto
si video?
- De ce este necesar sa avem un branding online personal si cat de importanta este sinergia cu
brandul offline si online al companiei?

2. Cum agregam eforturile tuturor angajatilor cu acces la internet pentru dezvoltarea brandingului companiei prin Social Media?
- Pro si contra retelelor sociale, avantaje si dezavantaje;
- De ce motoarele de cautare iubesc continutul adaugat pe retelele sociale si cum putem atrage
vizitatori targetati pe orice site/blog?;
- In eventualitatea in care compania deruleaza deja campanii cu buget de marketing prin
intermediul retelelor sociale, cum pot angajatii sa contribuie la succesul acesteia prin
comunicarile personale?
- Cum realizam o matrice de promovare prin Social Media care sa fie scalabila si usor de
transformat in functie de modificarea tendintelor pietei online? Care este rolul comunicarii angajatilor in
cadrul acestei matrici?

3. De ce este necesar sa avem o politica a companiei referitor la Social Media?
- Elaborarea unei politici a companiei pentru Social Networking sau adaptarea politicii corporate
la specificul local; elemente de luat in considerare, parghii de masura si control;
- Social Media este considerat mediul in care talentele sunt cel mai usor de abordat si atras in
companie avantaje si riscuri;
- Cat de mult comunicam prin Retele Sociale si care sunt limitele peste care daca trecem
secretul profesional si confidentialitatea pot avea de suferit?

4. Blogging si Social Media, un mix care produce rezultate surprinzatoare.
- Ghid avansat blogging. De ce un blog? Daca am deja unul cum sa-l transform intr-un serviciu
PR 24/24, 7 zile pe saptamana?
- Metode de cuantificare a rezultatelor obtinute prin promovarea in retelele sociale.

Cursul este prezentat de Adrian Niculescu, costul este 699 lei (tva inclus) ce cuprinde sesiunea de training, materiale de curs, masa de pranz, cafea si racoritoare. Numarul maxim de participanti este 15, urmatorul curs urmand sa fie programat in luna mai. Participatii vor primi diploma de participare de la Academia Online Feed Forward, ebook-ul in format retail DVD Ghidul Retelelor Sociale Editia 2010 in ambalaj personalizat si un discount de 50% daca vor dori sa se inscrie ulterior la cursul online de afaceri pe internet organizat de Academia Online Feed Forward.

La cerere, organizam cursuri Social Media personalizate in cardul companiilor, in romana sau engleza la care pot participa maxim 15 persoane/ sesiune. Cursurile personalizate vor fi sustinute dupa o analiza prealabila a necesitatilor companiei pentru o cat mai mare valoare adaugata.

Pentru inscrieri: tel 0744 777 544, mail: adrian.niculescu@kbc.ro.

Adrian Niculescu
Business Development Manager/Trainer

What Does It Take To Succeed In Article Marketing

Posted in article marketing by on the 26 December 2009

What does it take to succeed in article marketing? That is the question you have to ask if you plan to use this cost effective form of advertising to promote your business. If you think about it, anybody can do it. You just have to know some of the basics.
When we talk of basics, the article regardless of the topic should be timely, consistent and informative. This is because you want to bring value to the readers even if in the end, you are making them avail of your product or service.
This begins from the title itself because catchy ones will make the reader want to know more about what you have to say.
As you work on the first paragraph all the way to the end, write this in a conversational tone. This allows you to connect with the reader as though you are talking (more…)

The Whole Concept Behind Internet Marketing Articles

Posted in article marketing by on the 26 December 2009

Every business must have a strategy on how to spread the word out about its products and services. It doesn’t matter if it is an online business or an offline one. If it is sales that you want to achieve, then you must do everything to market out your products and services. One effective way to go about this is through Internet marketing article.
Business Strategy
Look at your own notes. How do you plan to promote your business? It doesn’t really have to be a big time venture that would eat up most of your budget. You need to be practical. Times are hard and not everybody can afford the likes of a broadcast ads.
Now you have two choices when it comes to affordable advertising. It is either you use the print medium or you take advantage of the Internet age. The cheaper means when it (more…)

The Importance of Article Marketing to Improve Business

Posted in article marketing by on the 26 December 2009

Writing is a passion. It is a profession. It is a craft. It can be a hobby. It can also be a marketing tool. How? If you have a business and your aim is to get the word out about you, one way to go about such task online is through article marketing.
Marketing Strategies If you own a business, whether it is a startup or a big company, you would always think of ways to promote your stuff. This is the main reason why creating web sites are popular these days. More and more people are getting hooked with how the cyber world works wonders.
If you own a web site, the next thing that you will think about is how to drive traffic to it. Just like how you do it offline, you have to reach out to your target market and lead them into clicking (more…)

The Basic Guide on How to Write Articles

Posted in article marketing by on the 26 December 2009

If you have just discovered the many routes that you can take with regards to online marketing, you may be faced with many questions. One of them and a very important one is how to write articles.
The Rule of the Game Writing for the internet is very different from getting your daily dose on blogs and other creative venues. Yes, this also requires a lot of creativity on your part but it caters to a specific market, people who doesn’t have much time to spend reading the 500 plus words articles that you are presenting to them.
Your role now is to get their attention, make them scan through your materials, get your point and get them hooked with what more you have to say then what more can you offer to them.
Basic Guide You need not be too academic when it comes to writing articles (more…)

What is Article Marketing

Posted in article marketing by on the 26 December 2009

What is article marketing? It is a form of advertising wherein a business hires a writer or does it themselves to write short articles in the hopes that this will promote their business. These articles are made for distribution and publication which means this can viewed by just about anybody both in the print and online form.
So people will know who wrote the article, at the bottom there is usually a bio box and byline which shows the references and contact person of the one who wrote it. If the reader liked the article so much, they can get in touch with him or her which, translates to increased sales.
Article marketing has been around for quite awhile. Some say this was first used when mass print became available. In the print form, this type of advertising was used by entrepreneurs as a means of obtaining free (more…)

What Lies Beneath an Article on Marketing

Posted in article marketing by on the 26 December 2009

Are you thinking of ways to promote an online business or simply your web site? Are you an expert with regards to your line of business or profession? You need not know everything about it at all. All you’ve got to do is start doing article on marketing or simply put, the articles that you are going to send out to submission sites and article directories.
Article Directories
If you are new in this venture, you don’t have to get too intimidated. There are many article directories where you can submit your materials to. The first thing that you have to take note is how your chosen sites rank on Google and Alexa. This way, you will gauge what sites get the most traffic. And so you can start from that idea and choose the sites where your target market can be found.
You just have to be (more…)

Some Important Notes about Article Submission Software

Posted in article marketing by on the 26 December 2009

Marketing your business has never been easier. With the booming state of the cyber world, reaching out to your target market has become a breeze. One of the most popular ways to do this is through writing articles and send it to the directories using article submission software.
Writing the Articles You have to start the process with a good content. Words are powerful so you’ve got to put them into good use. You will lead your clients your way through these articles. They surely wouldn’t be led of something crappy.
The usual way to go about writing articles is to start with the word count. This is regularly 500 to 2000 words and talks about the field of your expertise. For example, you are selling furniture. On your article, you can target interior designers, home owners as well as business people on how they can make use (more…)

Simple Ways to Start Creating Marketing Article

Posted in article marketing by on the 26 December 2009

If your web site contains everything about your business or if it is your business in itself, well you have to hard about getting the word out about it. Have you ever heard about marketing article? This is a very effective way to capture many people’s attention by way of informing them and providing them with details that they would want to know.
How to Write Do you ever blog? Or have you written to a loved one? You are off to a good start. Everybody knows how to write. But how to write for an audience takes a different course. But the reason remains the same. You are writing because you want your materials to be read.
Professionals writers may do the task for the salary but ask any passionate writers out there and they will tell you that they are writing first and foremost because they (more…)

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