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“Uciderea pruncilor” si jurnalistii de investigatii

Acum ziarele online si nu numai au inceput sa publice detalii pana mai ieri considerate “intime” despre cum se poate naste un copil. Cu lux de amanunte, cu detalii care urmeaza sa stabileasca o anumita ierarhie: cine este in TOP-ul nasterilor “ciudate” din Romania?

Asa cum barbatii prefera istorioarele picante din armata, sau de la pescuit, femeile adora sa povesteasca cum au nascut, la ce maternitate, cat au dat la medic, ce-a facut moasa, cand li s-a rupt apa, etc.

Acum e oficial! Toate femeile trebuie neaparat sa povesteasca! Sa vedem care-i cea mai tare poveste! Nu conteaza faptul ca fetele si femeile tinere se vor speria de aceste povesti grotesti si vor jura ca nu mai fac copii…

Asistentele si moasele au devenit deja inamicul numarul 1 in societatea romanesca, caci ele poarta vina tuturor relelor!!!!

Acum este cazul sa devenim rationali, asa consider eu; tragedia de la maternitatea Giulesti ne-a intristat si ne-a pus serios pe ganduri.

Orice femeie care a nascut in Romania are povestea ei: una, sau chiar mai multe.

Trebuie stiut ca un copil care vine pe lume o poate traumatiza pe viata pe cea care-l naste, sau o poate chiar omori…un copil se poate naste natural, sau asistat: adica prin provocarea nasterii, sau prin operatie cezariana. Intre a se sui moasa pe femeia care naste si folosirea forcepsului, este de preferat prima varianta.

Si daca cineva isi imagineaza ca la clinicile unde se platesc cca 2000 de Euro pentru o nastere “normala” nu se urca moasa pe femeia aflata in travaliu, dupa epidurala, se inseala amarnic. Sa mai investigheze jurnalistii de investigatii si sa ne mai povesteasca si noua.

Types of Birth Control Pills

Posted in birth control by on the 26 December 2009

Birth controls pills have been in use since 1960 when the US Food and Drug Administration approved it. Today, there are more than 40 different types to choose from which you can get from your local health rep.
Another name for the pill is called oral contraception. There are two types namely combination and progestin pills. Both are made of hormones and before you can buy it, you need to get prescription from your doctor.
Progestin pills were first introduced in the 1970s. This pill does not contain estrogen so it does not always prevent ovulation. For this to work, the female must take this at a certain time during the day and this must be taken regularly because one missed pill could greatly reduce its effectiveness.
There are advantages using progestin pills. Since it does not contain estrogen, it can be used by nursing mothers as well (more…)

Types of Birth Control

Posted in birth control by on the 26 December 2009

Contraception is a term used to prevent pregnancy. There are different types of them around. Some are used by men while others are for women.
There are two major methods of birth control namely barrier or hormonal. Aside from that, the other types include sterilization otherwise known as surgery, withdrawal, natural family planning and the simplest which is abstinence.
Lets talk about each of them.
The first is the barrier method wherein the male or the female uses a condom to prevent the sperm from ever entering the females uterus. The male condom comes in many brands, color and flavors and is usually made of latex rubber. This is placed over the penis when it is erect prior to intercourse.
The female condom on the other hand is made of polyurethane and is seven inches long. This allows it to protect the cervix, vaginal canal and the (more…)

The Birth Control Patch

Posted in birth control by on the 26 December 2009

If you dont like wearing a contraceptive or taking it orally, you can slap it to your skin because there are birth control patches available in the market.
The birth control patch is a thin, beige colored, four and a half centimeter square patch that is applied to the skin. Each patch contains hormones that release chemicals into your bloodstream.
The chemicals found in the patch are progesterone and estrogen that are designed to prevent ovulation which is the release of an egg from the ovaries during a females monthly cycle. When this happens, a girl can have intercourse without the risk of getting pregnant.
The birth control patch also does something else and it thickens the mucus that is produced in the cervix making it difficult for the sperm to ever reach the eggs. Sometimes, the hormones themselves may affect the lining of the uterus so if (more…)

The Different Types of Birth Control Pills

Posted in birth control by on the 26 December 2009

There are many different types of birth control pills. Women nowadays have a lot of option when it comes to this subject. That is great news. The only downside of it all is how those pills affect a woman’s body to accumulate the pounds and gain weight.
Women’s Issues Gaining weight is not something that most women would want to happen on their bodies, especially when they are on the prime of their lives. This is the reason why there are so many diet tips and tricks available wherever you look, whether online or offline. They are mostly targeted for women.
But the weight gain can also be cured. This may require harder work. But who wouldn’t want to work extra hard if it’s for a slimmer figure.
So if you think that the pills are taking its toll on your body amass, head on to the gym (more…)

Natural Birth Control

Posted in birth control by on the 26 December 2009

Natural birth control is among the most popular options of couples who are into family planning. This is because natural birth control does not only ensure the health of the woman but also helps them to save money for not buying contraceptives or undergoing through birth control procedures.

Although natural birth control is among the safest in terms of health, this does not ensure 100 percent effectivity since there are no chemicals and procedures that would back up the process. For those who are planning to have natural birth control as a means of family planning, they should understand that this birth control option cannot work for everyone, especially with those who have busy and erratic schedule.
Couples must understand that though natural birth control will have no side effects, utmost dedication and attention should be given for it to work.
Natural birth control options
Once (more…)

The Different Forms of Birth Control

Posted in birth control by on the 26 December 2009

Although there are many different forms of birth control, some women are afraid to take any of each because they are scared of the side effects. The most common that these pills have as an effect relates with the issue of gaining weight.
Ask a woman who is not afraid of getting fat. You will not find so many. But if indeed there is a case wherein a woman chooses to gain more weight for health related issues, they will resort to other means. This is especially true if the person involved is not sexually active and don’t have a dependence on birth control pills.
But if the person who wants to gain weight and has also used the pills, she may just continue doing so for the purpose of adding up more pounds. There is nothing wrong with that especially if she is only doing what she (more…)

Side Effects of Birth Control

Posted in birth control by on the 26 December 2009

Some people are not ready to have kids. Perhaps because they are still in high school and just want to have sex while others are more career-oriented and want to focus on that first before starting a family. Whatever the reason, you should know that there are potential side effects depending on the type you decide to use.
The simplest way to prevent unwanted pregnancies is not to do it at all. This is known as abstaining. But if you two lovebirds want to get physical, you just have to find another way to express your love and if you decide to do it without intercourse, you can do so by playing with each other until you reach orgasm.
Another method which is quite popular is the condom. There are different types out there in the market that cater to both men and women. After intercourse, this should (more…)

Diaphragm Birth Control

Posted in birth control by on the 26 December 2009

There are different types of birth control devices in the market today. Women who dont want to use pills can use something called a diaphragm.
A diaphragm is a shallow, dome shaped rubber disk with a flexible rim that fits nicely within the vagina as it is able to cover the cervix which prevents the sperm from every reaching the uterus. It should be inserted prior to intercourse and covered with spermicide. The spermicide works by killing the sperm thus making it impossible to fertilize the egg.
Women who choose to use the diaphragm may keep it in there for 24 hours. You just have to make sure to insert spermicide every two hours or before engaging in sexual intercourse again.
The general rule for using this device is that it must be kept in place for the next 6 hours after intercourse before it is removed.
Before (more…)

Effectiveness of Birth Control

Posted in birth control by on the 26 December 2009

Family planning is a necessity in our society today because of the fact that the earths resources are becoming less and less every year and in a study it is estimated that there would be 12 million infant births in 2025 alone. From 8 million in 2019 every year there is an increase of 1.004 million births.
Looking into these statistics the effectiveness of birth control as it relates the number of infant births per year is still pretty high. The campaign of different sectors of government has become more and more aggressive in the past few years targeting larger urban areas in big cities.
Even with the heightened awareness about the importance of family planning and birth control methods the effectiveness of the campaign still remains underwhelming in terms of results.
Some of the factors that may contribute to the lack of positive results of (more…)

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