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Posted in blog advertising by on the 26 December 2009

Heres a quick way to add fresh content to your blogs while you are sleeping, on vacation, or building a new website.
Everyone knows how easy it is to get great search engine rankings with an up-to-date blog.
And you know what it takes to keep a blog updated. Especially if you are going to keep a regular schedule and update your blog, say, every 3 days.
That means you need to go into each blog account, copy and paste (or just plain write) your blog into the right box. Make sure that the title is entered correctly. Check to be sure that all of the formatting is right. Look at the tags so your blog will be found by the spiders and show up in the right search. Check it all twice and then post it.
If you are really organized, you can save a bunch (more…)

What Forums to Participate in For Good Blog Promotion

Posted in blog advertising by on the 26 December 2009

Blog owners pride themselves on a lot of fronts. First, blogs are usually about self-expression, and having people read about your life can be uplifting, not to mention inspiring. Second, blogs can be difficult to maintain, and blog writers need to be bursting with ideas and creativity in order to keep their blogs alive. Third, blogs dont promote themselves, and the best blog owners are those who are able to spread the word about their blog and get a lot of attention in the process.
Why do blog owners want a lot of attention? Blogs are not just about expression nowadays. Thanks to the power of Internet marketing, blogs can be used to post advertisements. Each time blog readers click on these advertisements, the blog owner can get commissions.
Moreover, there are online companies that pay blog owners to write blog entries on products, services, ideas, businesses, websites (more…)

Forum Posting Techniques to Help You Promote Your Blog

Posted in blog advertising by on the 26 December 2009

Having a blog can be a great start to an online writing career. A blog will allow you to express yourself, providing you with an outlet for your stress, which can be especially useful if you are working or in school. A blog can also allow you to share your experiences with friends and family, and you can simply post your pictures and diary entries without having to tell the same stories over and over again. Aside from all these, you can also use your blog to sell things, organize your web pages, and even earn some money.
Thanks to the power of technology and prospecting, there are now many ways through which you can make money through your blog. For instance, you can get commissions through paid advertising on your site. There are two ways that you can do this: you can either solicit offline and get (more…)

Top Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog to

Posted in blog advertising by on the 26 December 2009

If you have a blog, then you can count yourself among the thousands of other people on earth who have a blog, who can sell their products and services online, and who find ways to network through friends, former classmates, relatives, even acquaintances, in order to make more money. There are thousands upon thousands of blogs on the Internet right now, and you will need to shine through the muddle of language, or, at the very least, be known to a few well enough in whatever niche you choose to place yourself.
One way for you to establish your audience is to actually have a niche that you proclaim yourself to be in, and one way for you to do this is to place your blog address in a blog directory. You also have the pick of the litter: you are not limited to placing your blog in (more…)

Comment Posting: A Power Blog Promoting Technique

Posted in blog advertising by on the 26 December 2009

You keep on hearing bloggers marvel about the wonderful benefits of leaving comments on other blogs but youve yet to try the tactic yourself. If you still arent sure about the wisdom of following their steps, here are a few reasons that could convince you to take that final step.
Show Your Expertise
Everyone prefers to listen to an expert than an amateur. With an experts advice, you spend your time wisely and get to learn something in return. Unfortunately, there isnt always an opportunity to show your expertise.
As such, you have to create the opportunity for yourself once in a while and you can do that by leaving comments on other peoples blogs. Try spending a few minutes visiting other peoples blogs. Go around the blogging community, and once youve found some questions youre very much in the position to answer, go ahead and share your (more…)

Say No to Forum Spamming

Posted in blog advertising by on the 26 December 2009

When you are speaking with children, repeating yourself may sometimes be the key to getting yourself heard and understood. But youre not speaking to children when youre posting the same message over and over in forums, are you? Since youre not, isnt it safe to conclude that such tactics wont work? Worse, they can even backfire on you! Here are five good reasons to avoid spamming in forums.
It Annoys Moderators
Spamming is considered a blackhat SEO technique, and most, if not all, forum moderators do not tolerate it. Other forum members are sure to report you and when a moderator finally takes notice, youll certainly have your membership suspended if not revoked immediately and permanently.
There are several reasons why spamming will annoy moderators. Firstly, its their job to keep other members happy and what youre doing is the opposite. You are, therefore, giving them extra trouble (more…)

Social Networking to Improve Your Blogs Traffic

Posted in blog advertising by on the 26 December 2009

There is no doubt that blogging is qucikly becoming popular and theres no stopping its popularity. The fight for supremacy heats on. The battle for the highest ranked blog or the most frequently visited blog is now at its peak. It is also no surprise that blogs now are becoming popular because of its use as a vehicle for earning extra bucks. What do you need to increase your blogs traffic? It requires no extra complication as a matter of fact, all you need to do is to maximize your networking skills. Thats right! No need for additional special skills just plain old networking skills. So how do you start?
First you need to have a constant appearance online. You can visit other blogs as well, in that manner bloggers will see your blog entries as well. Its more like a give and take relationship. You can (more…)

Do’s and Don’ts for Reciprocating Traffic to Promote Your Blog

Posted in blog advertising by on the 26 December 2009

Some mockingly call it as the mutual admiration society and wherein people praise and link to each other in order to generate traffic. No matter how way you look at it, reciprocating traffic works not just for promoting websites but blogs as well. Here are several dos and donts to take note of if youre in the mood for sharing some love with your fellow bloggers.
How to Reciprocate Traffic for Blog Promotion
Reciprocating is easier than you think. You just have to take note of what other bloggers are doing for you and return the favor. Of course, you can also consider initiating things by being the first to post a comment, include a link in your directory, respond with a blog entry, or review another blog.
As long as what youre doing places focus on you and the other blogger, youre doing the right (more…)

7 Ways to Leave Comments and Drive Traffic Back to Your Blog

Posted in blog advertising by on the 26 December 2009

People say that to make an impression, you’ll have to open your mouth. While that is physically impossible in the virtual world of the Internet, saying your piece is not entirely difficult to do. Thanks to forums and discussion boards, you can leave a comment or start a discussion thread about virtually any topic from anywhere in the world. And yes, you can even leave comments to drive traffic to your blog and increase your readership.
Leaving effective comments
You’re probably old enough to know that not every comment that gets thrown into an opportunity for interaction creates the desired effect, much less become appreciated by those who hear or read it. If you don’t use this technique carefully, you will either waste the opportunity or simply allow it to create the wrong impression. Here are 7 ways you ought to do it:
Choose the sites you leave (more…)

Tips for Writing an Effective E-mail Signature Promoting Your Blog

Posted in blog advertising by on the 26 December 2009

Branding is big business. Companies actually use a significant amount of their budget simply to build and fortify their brands. Brands identify a product and are used by consumers to associate a company with a specific business or service. When you’re marketing online to promote your blog or your business, easily one of the most effective means to build your brand is using an e-mail signature, one that will identify you and associate you with a specific type of service or information.
What exactly is an e-mail signature?
An e-mail signature is an identifier that you will usually include at the end of every e-mail message, article, post or thread that you send or publish online. It includes your name, your company, the title of your blog or website, its address and other contact information about you.
The e-mail signature is equivalent to a real world business card (more…)

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