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Disputa dintre banci si clienti ajunge la formule

Disputa dintre banci si clienti ajunge laformule

septembrie 16, 2010

Bancile s-ar putea trezi in curand cu mii de procese intentate de clientii care sunt nemultumiti de modul in care acestea incearca sa recalculeze dobanzile la credite pentru a se incadra in prevederile ordonantei privind creditele pentru consumatori, avand in vedere ca au mai ramas doar cateva zile pana la termenul limita pentru semnarea actelor aditionale la contractele de credit.

Clientii, ale caror dobanzi variabile au urcat rapid in 2008-2009 si au ramas neschimbate de atunci in ciuda imbunatatirii conditiilor pe pietele financiare, au vazut in adoptarea ordonantei o portita pentru a-si reduce cheltuielile cu ratele lunare, in timp ce bancherii incearca sa vina cu noi formule de calcul pentru a mentine dobanzile la nivelul din iunie.

Cititi integral in Zf.ro.

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Ce salarii vor absolventii in vremuri de criza?

De la 800 de Euro in sus sunt pretentiile absolventilor din Romania.

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Despre sistemul bancar din Romania si domeniul IT

Cati oameni au plecat din sistemul bancar si care-i nivelul de salarizare in banci si IT, un articol foarte documentat din Wall-Street.ro.

The Career Goal in Finance

Posted in finance career by on the 26 December 2009

What is the end game after years of going to school? Perhaps to have a stable career and life but this does not happen overnight. It takes blood, toil, sweat and tears which is also the career goal in finance.
How do we do that? Well, people always say that a good education opens doors. A finance career works the same way given that there are different companies that you can work in after graduation which is why you should do some research first to find out what aspects of the industry interests you the most.
Just to give you an idea, some of the things you could find yourself in after graduation could be commercial banking, commercial lending, corporate finance, financial planning, investment banking, private equity and sales and trading.
When you are able to do some research in each of them, it will be easy for (more…)

Reminder about Career plus Finance Mindset

Posted in finance career by on the 26 December 2009

There are many risks that you have to do in life. But life with career plus finance or work inside the finance industry will present you with more challenges and risks than you may have imagined.
Do not fear those risks. Finance involves money, the value of time and the risks involved. Interrelate the three and you will get an idea of how this concept works.
There are many avenues that you may want to venture on to when you are already on this type of business. You must gain experience through time because your career path will all boil down to what you know. If you want to succeed in this avenue, know all its corners, the manholes and especially the good roads.
Choosing a career in finance must be done when you are still choosing what courses to take in college. But other people are lucky (more…)

Whats a Career in Personal Finance?

Posted in finance career by on the 26 December 2009

A lot of people often dont know what they want to be. Those who enter college will often get the course they thought they are interested but later on will change courses as they come to realize their actual calling. For me personal finance was one of the courses in college that really called out at me.
You might say it yelled at me. Take me as your college course! That would be ho personal finance would be yelling inside my head. It may be weird to some of you but to most of you who had that epiphany of what you want to be, I know you can relate to what I mean.
To the uninitiated, personal finance is simple taking care of your own or someone elses money. Although, theres truth to that, but the process and the responsibilities are not as simple as what you (more…)

Is It Possible to Have an Accounting Career in Finance

Posted in finance career by on the 26 December 2009

There are so many jobs that you can choose from if you want an accounting career in finance. But choosing may not be easy because it will not only depend on you but also the companies and the industries that you want to go to.
You must persevere in finding the suitable job as soon as you have finished school. You will learn when you are already part of the workforce that there are still many things that you need to grasp that were not introduced in all your academic subjects.
For beginners, you can settle for the less paying ones. You must aim to gather experience in the field first before you target your goal towards a higher paying job. But if you already have earned master’s degree and an MBA, you can jumpstart your career with the higher paying jobs first then gather experience as you (more…)

The Disadvantages of a Career in Financing

Posted in finance career by on the 26 December 2009

When we were young, we already had an idea of what we want to be when we go grow up. Sometimes, these changes as the years go by. While there are advantages in whatever profession we choose, we should also look at the disadvantages if this for instance will be a career in financing.
What is wrong with financing? If you think about it, nothing given that it is an honest job with a considerable rewards. But not everyone will be able to stay here for the long term which is why you have to weigh the pros and cons.
First, can you see yourself doing mathematical computations and giving advice to someone who is probably earning more than you? The truth is, some people can while others cant.
The best test of all will be how well you excel in subjects like calculus and economics in school (more…)

The Endless Possibilities of Finance Degree Careers

Posted in finance career by on the 26 December 2009

The backbone of the most successful businesses is a person with a degree in finance. It takes perseverance and determination to find good finance degree careers. But it should be worth it because completing the course is no easy task. It entails a lot of aspiration with corresponding perspiration to earn what you want.
A bachelor’s degree would be enough to enter the workforce in relation to the course. But if you want to aim for positions with regards to management, you have to earn a higher educational degree like a master’s or an MBA in this field.
Critical Thinking
Some people deem that this path only requires a good grasp in the mathematics subject. Well, you are wrong. It takes more than the knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and knowing your integrals and fractions.
This is no ABC. You have to know the rules and the (more…)

Finance Career Auto Insurance Quote

Posted in finance career by on the 26 December 2009

So you decided to start a finance career offering auto insurance quotes. With the proper training, you will be able to give a reasonable amount to the client.
Some of the things you have to consider will be the type of car that person is using. For that, you need to get information about the vehicle including the sticker price, the cost of repair should it be damaged, its replacement value, safety features, its ability to withstand an accident and crash tests.
Most insurance companies approve quickly vehicles that are big because they do not sustain that much damage in an accident. However, this changes if your vehicle caused serious damage to another vehicle.
This is why you will also need to review the clients driving history. If their record is clean, then there wont be any problems offering an affordable insurance quote and then later on approving (more…)

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