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Peeps: America’s Most Loved Easter Candy

Posted in news by on the 18 March 2011

Peeps may be jelly beans rival as one of America’s most loved Easter treats! An estimated 600 million Peeps, shaped like chicks or bunnies will be consumed this Easter. Peeps may be America’s favorite, however, their roots go back to a Russian-born man, Sam Born, who was living in France learning chocolate. Read more

Sienna Miller Biography

Posted in news by on the 17 March 2011

Sienna Miller is as famous for her on-off relationship with Jude Law as she is for her acting. The couple met when they both appeared in the re-make of 1966 film “Alfie.” They became engaged on Christmas Day 2004 but on July 2005 Law issued a very public statement apologising for having an affair with her children’s nanny. Read more

How To Become A Defensive Eater

Posted in news by on the 17 March 2011

Defensive eating has become just as necessary as defensive driving and is critical to maintaining optimal health and wellness these days. Follow these 3 suggestions to ensure your chances of eating clean, healthy food every time. Read more

Perfectly Decorate Your Cooking Area With Innovative Patterns Of Kitchen Wall Tiles

Posted in news by on the 16 March 2011

Cooking area is the most valuable part of anyone’s household, which demands good maintenance each year. A healthy food can only be prepared cooked in an area which is hygienic and constantly attractive. A beautiful ambiance fashioned inside the cooking area with the assist of mesmerizing kitchen floor tiles, attracts everyone. Read more

Sleep Soundly

Posted in news by on the 16 March 2011

A good night’s sleep is always necessary for any person to lead a healthy life both mentally and physically. I have here described the problems faced by some people to sleep and remedies for them. Read more

Enjoying the Yuletide Season With Artificial Christmas Trees As Alternatives

Posted in news by on the 15 March 2011

The Christmas season is a time of giving and receiving. This season gives us happiness brought by the gathering of our family and friends. But we shouldn’t be taking a part of nature by getting trees from our forests. It is still the same if you use artificial Christmas trees instead. Read more

I’m Dreaming of a Tech Christmas

Posted in news by on the 15 March 2011

They may as well re-brand this year and instead of Santa we’ll just have a giant Apple dressed in a ski-suit–we’ll call it iChristmas, with optional applications for iHanuka and instead of elves we can have computer repair technicians! Of course I’m joking, but such is the phenomenon that is all things tech-related this Christmas that one could be forgiven for thinking there was a thematic link to the holidays. Read more

Quick Tips In Choosing Flowers For Funerals

Posted in news by on the 15 March 2011

Flowers are a great way to express joy, happiness, appreciation and also grief. And at the same time, flowers for funerals show your deepest sympathy to the family and honour the departed. The choice of the flowers you send is of the utmost importance. Read more

Yoga And Meditation – Combining The Two Disciplines For Best Results

Posted in news by on the 15 March 2011

While traditionally meditation is known as an Easter practice, yoga has effectively taken the Western world by storm. Every street corner will have a Yoga center or at least a yoga class and attending such classes is accepted even in the most religious families – or the most atheist ones for the matter. Read more

Easy To Make Recipe: How To Make Creamy Chocolate Cookie Balls

Posted in news by on the 12 March 2011

Along with the changing of the seasons there are new holidays to consider and you want to find some great tasting appetizers to serve to your family, friends, work associates or party guests. for instance, soon it will be Easter and you may be interested in finding some appetizer recipes that you can make ahead of time for the kids as well as the adults. Read more

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