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Posted in 3 by greenfield on the 18 September 2009
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Horatiu Malaele playing at the Comedy Theatre

Malaele is playing this Saturday night at the Comedy’s Theatre scene. 
It is a one man show, both staging and playing being signed by Horatiu

play begins with a song called “The Crazy Man”, which is about regular
people living nowadays, acting crazy and trying to survive this jungle.
The main character impresses by easiness, humour and cleverness.

Malalele, born on 1952, is one of the most famous of Romanian actors. 
What makes him unique is the perfect combination between absurd and low
comedy.  Everybody enjoys his plays, but only few people understand the
meaning of his characters, as they have to be theatre “connoisseurs”.

Famous “King Edward the Third” at the National Theatre of Bucharest

National Theatre of Bucharest continues the autumn series of plays with
“King Edward the Third”, an Elizabethan play often attributed to
William Shakespeare.  It was first printed anonymously in 1596. H
owever, since the eighteenth century, the possibility that all or part
of it is the work of Shakespeare has been debated.

plot of the play consists of two distinct parts. The first is centred
on the Countess of Salisbury (the wife of the Earl of Salisbury), who,
beset by rampaging Scots, is "rescued" by King Edward III, who then
proceeds to woo her himself.  In an attempted bluff, the Countess vows
to take the life of her husband if Edward will take the life of his
wife.  However, when she sees that Edward finds the plan morally
acceptable, she ultimately threatens to take her own life if he does
not stop his pursuit.  Finally, Edward expresses great shame, admits
his fault and acquiesces.  In the second part of the play, in several
scenes reminiscent of Henry V, Edward joins his army in France,
fighting a war to claim the French throne.  The play switches between
the French and English camps, where the apparent hopelessness of the
English campaign is contrasted with the arrogance of the French…and
you thought Romanian politics was interesting?  Actors will perform on
September 24th, starting from 19:00, at NTB, on “The Great Hall” scene.

National Radio Orchestra

The national radio orchestra is on summer break.  It will resume in the fall, starting with 14th of October.

National Opera House of Bucharest

the next two weeks, we are delighted to listen to good classical music,
within the International Festival and Competition “George Enescu”,
which ends on 26th of September.

On Friday, September 18th
it will be the turn of the National Opera House in Bucharest to present
its audience with the opera “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare. Conductor
– Iurie Florea.

On Thursday, September 24th the actors will perform “Celan” by Paul Celan. The play will be conducted by Peter Ruzicka.

Both plays start at 19:00.


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