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Spectacole la Opera Romana in noiembrie 2009

Posted in Divertisment by on the 4 November 2009
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Le puteti vedea aici.


Posted in 3 by on the 18 September 2009
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Horatiu Malaele playing at the Comedy Theatre Horatiu Malaele is playing this Saturday night at the Comedys Theatre scene.  It is a one man show, both staging and playing being signed by Horatiu Malaele. The play begins with a song called The Crazy Man, which is about regular people living nowadays, acting crazy and trying [...]

Elena Cernei

Posted in 3 by on the 4 September 2009
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O mezzosoprana romanca de dupa anii ’50. Arii celebre cantate pe scena Operei romane din Bucuresti, concerte sustinute in toata lumea. Am cautat astazi detalii despre Elena Cernei datorita unui motiv oarecare. Am constatat ca nimeni nu a completat profilul ei pe Wikipedia. V-as fi recunoscatoare daca detineti informatii recente despre ea, in afara de [...]


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